Monday, July 13, 2015


Amos and Andy are goats, and have natural instincts.  One of which is head butting.

It is amazing to me.  They somehow have programmed into their DNA that if they gain height, they gain power, and make their head butts more forceful.  They were fighting for the attention of their momma.

As for the run-in shed, Earl and I drove into town where I spent almost $100 on hinges for the shed doors, only to return home without the screws to put the doors together.  I really need to make lists.


  1. How are Amos & Andy doing keeping the weeds down? Isn't that why you got them?

    Although-- I'm sure they're nice pets too..

    Were do they sleep?

    1. Amos and Andy are doing their best, but the job of keeping the weeds and pricker bushes down is pretty overwhelming. They can barely keep up. We need another half a dozen goats, but trust me, that ain't gonna happen.

      At night, until the run-in shed is done, they stay inside the steel horse trailer at night. Sasquatch, coyotes.... too many predators.