Sunday, July 12, 2015

Getting Close on the Run-in Shed

We spent the weekend in Harvey the RV on our property over the weekend.  It was a hot one, and so I worked in the morning and stopped when the heat and humidity got to me.

On Saturday, I closed in the back twelve foot wall.  Unfinished wet lumber is heavy, so what I did was to put nails on each end a half inch below the top of the board below it and then hoist the next board up, one end at a time.  This worked perfectly except for the last board, the one on top.  I was nailing from left to right, and when I got to the end, I found that the two nails I had there had bent.  Oh well, as I often say, it is a shed, not a bridge.

Besides, on the inside, the goats and horse won't even notice.

Today (Sunday) I only worked from ten until noon when I quit because of the heat.  I got up the small four foot wall in the middle of the front.

On Monday, I'm heading into town to buy hinges and to check to see if the local lumber mill has rough cut 2x6s.  I ran out when I decided to put in a small hay loft.   Then comes the doors, finishing the front, and then the roof.  And then onto the pump house.

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