Sunday, July 19, 2015

Keuterville Big Foot Cast

Notice how I broke my cardinal rule about not referring to Sasquatch as "Bigfoot", but notice the space between "Big" and "Foot".

I ordered a copy of the Keuterville cast done in 2001 by a 13 year old boy.  Readily visible are even dermal ridges.  This is an impressive print.  Sadly though, it came damaged.  The big toe was broken off.  I sent an email to and got an immediate reply.  They're sending out a replacement.  Good company.

In other news, check this out.  These were on the steps leading up to our tractor-trailer trailer.  Pam thinks the goats kicked them out of the trailer.  Nope.  All of my washers and such are kept in an antique metal pretzel can that was my father's.  Sasquatch are said to "gift", meaning that they will leave you things that they think you will like or need.  If this was not from the goats and indeed a Sasquatch, I have no idea where it is finding this stuff.

Goats love to climb, and they've been jumping up on our plastic wicker furniture.  They're getting big, and we're afraid they're going to go through it.  I know, you're thinking this is store bought, but its not.  I made it myself.  I'm thinking of selling them on the internet.

Olivia running.  You can see the joy on her face.  She loves to run.

But what's annoying is when you think you've got a great shot of your dog, and it is only when  you download it to you computer that you see an ear is inside out.

And how about this for a ten foot high pile of stinking Sasquatch crap?

Time to head to Florida!

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