Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Slow Progress on the Run-in Shed

I only work on the run-in shed in between rain showers and errands, which means maybe two or three hours a day, tops.  Anything more than that and I'm exhausted anyway.  I'm having a hard time pounding in four inch ringed pole barn nails.  But I did get the second wall put up.

Yes, I mis-measured one board.  I could have cut it shorter and used it on the one above, which is probably what I should have done, but I'm not building a bridge.

The black flies are fearsome in Bleecker, and the dogs are rolling in mud to protect themselves.  In the photo below, Olivia gets a bath.  Note the color of the bath water.

Tomorrow (Thursday) Pam and I are playing golf and so nothing for the blog.  I really don't know if I can swing a club anymore, but I'm going to try.  

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  1. Dave, Apparently you need to enter the 21st Century.

    Here's a free clue for you. There's a company named Ridgid Tools. They make all sorts of marvelous pneumatic tools including framing nailers, finishing nailers, etc. I specify Ridgid, because I don't want you to go to Harbor Freight who will sell you junk. Buy proper tools and get the job done right. As my daddy used to say, "If you can't afford to do it right the first time, how can you afford to do it over?" It works when buying tools, too.

    Go down to your local Home Despot and spend some money on a Ridgid or Milwaukee Nailer and a decent nailer compressor. Your back, arms and neck will thank you for it.