Saturday, June 21, 2014

Where Have All the Hippies Gone?

I was around during the 1960s and the anti-Vietnam peace movement.  It was also a time of  "if it feels good, do it", "don't trust anyone over 35", and "make love, not war".  Where did all those people go?

Well, thanks to social media and Facebook, Pam and I were invited to a summer solstice party.  I found the hippies, and I mean that in the best sort of way.  We're all still here, we're just old.

Jim worked construction, and he knows what he's doing.  For his own house, he and Laurie chose straw bale, covered in cob (which is something like stucco).  Dig the moon.

The attached greenhouse, which faces south, helps solar gain, as does the stone fireplace and chimney.  Laurie built the fireplace and chimney.

The event started with everyone holding hands, and one by one giving their name and a short statement of who they were, or what they were grateful for.


Jim and Laurie's house.  Totally off the grid.

No.  Hippies haven't gone away.

On a side note, back in the 1960s there was a radical left group called "Students for a Democratic Society", or SDS.  On Facebook, I found "Seniors for a Democratic Society".  See?  We've just all gotten older.  But we still care.

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