Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mike Davidson

I mentioned about recently reconnecting with long lost cousins thanks to Al Gore's internets and Facebook.   One of my cousins married name is Sharon Davidson.  She recently posted that her husband's name is Mike.  That's hysterical!   Why, you ask?   This was my Facebook post to her...

Your husband's name is Michael?? LOL!! Let me tell you why.

When I had my own business, I was inundated with telemarketing calls. They asked for the person responsible for everything from toner supplies to our telephone service. I didn't want to be rude and didn't hang up on them, but they were encroaching seriously into my day. Finally, I made up a phony employee. Mike Davidson was responsible for, well, all of that stuff.

So eventually, all those phone calls started asking for Mike Davidson. He was always out. You just missed him. He's out to lunch. He's getting a hair cut.

Finally, we started having a lot of fun with it. "We don't know where Mike is, but if you can track down that bastard, you let me know. He ran off to Puerto Rico with the boss's daughter and the payroll."

Or "He just got back from lunch, but as usual, he's too drunk and incoherent to talk to."

If your husband has been getting any odd telephone calls, I apologize.

I present this as a public service to you followers of Bleecker Mountain Life.

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