Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mama Turkey

Pam and I were driving up the mountain the other day when we came across a mother turkey and her flock of poults (baby turkeys).  I pulled over and, for once, I  had my camera with me.  It even had the 300mm telephoto lens on.  Mama saw me coming and herded her flock into the tall grass.   I managed to get this pic just as the last of the pouts hit the grass.

I heard the poults peeping, but when I got close, mama somehow told them to shut up, which they did.  With her babies safely hidden, mama made sure I saw her.

She then ran out into the road, distracting me from the poults.

When I started to retreat back to the car, mama slowly made her way back to her flock.

I thought this was a very brave thing for mama turkey to do, and showed me that a mother's protective instinct is demonstrated by all animals.

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