Friday, June 20, 2014

Stacking Photos

Bleecker has no light pollution.  It would be a perfect place to put an observatory.  Of course, Hubble made those obsolete, but still.

Below are three photos.  The top two are 30 second exposures.  The last one is many 30 second exposures "stacked".  The reason for the difference in exposure (brightness) is that the first one stacked was taken right after dusk.  The next was the last one I took.  The third is a composite of all of them.

I'm night blind, so night photography, for me, is both challenging and wonderful.  Just look at all I'm missing!

Off to the doctor tomorrow (Friday) for nerve evaluation.  It looks like I might be headed off to a neurosurgeon in Albany on Monday.  My right arm is only running at 5%.  I can't even lift a can of beer with it.  They might kick me out of Bleecker.


  1. I've been thru the right-arm numbness/weakness thing with my C-5/C-6 disc injury. FWIW, I went to a neurosurgeon in Burlington who quickly said: why are you suffering-- I can fix this!

    Removal of disc, replacement with either cadaver bone or a piece of my hip.
    Then I went to a highly regarded neuro at Dartmouth who said "I wouldn't do it..." My disability was not 5%..but I wanted to rip my arm off. Maybe surgery would be good in your case, Dave. I totally rested for eight weeks and stopped doing anything strenuous for the next year, and I feel fine, if creaky with my years. One problem w/the surgery (if it is indicated) is that you go back to "normal" and then the strain makes the next disc in line act up,
    It strikes me as a one of those ambiguous decisions that are impossible to know what is best. I hope you have a more clear cut path in front of you. in any case, I wish you well.

  2. Above comment made in a rush. Presumptuous of me!