Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mini-Draft Horse Pull

On Saturday, Pam and I attended a mini-draft horse pull at West Wind Farm in Johnstown, New York.  One thing I know about animals is that some have been bred to do specific jobs, and they are happiest when doing them.  In the case of draft horses, it is pulling heavy loads.  This even applies to mini-draft horses.

I didn't use a flash because I didn't want to spook the horses, so I used a high ISO setting on my camera.  As a result, the photos are grainy and a bit blurry.  I think the blur adds to the photos though, conveying a sense of motion.

These little horses were pulling well over a ton of concrete blocks on a skid.  They were giving it all they had.

There was to be a barn dance after the competition.  Check out this rig.

Some of these horses measured only 32 inches at the shoulders.  Our German Shorthaired Pointer measures 29.  Consider how muscular and powerful these little horses are.

Sometimes the team would move the sled a few feet, and sometimes only a few inches.  What was critical was jerking the sled to get it moving and then digging in to keep the inertia going.

A John Deere tractor was used to move the sled when need be.

Horses are beautiful animals, regardless of size.  They all have big hearts.

I marvel at the hearts of animals, and how they love doing what they were bred to do.  These tiny horses are a good example, pulling a sled with over a ton of weight for all they were worth.  Amazing.

Note how anxious the horses are to start pulling.  There were many false starts, such as in the video clip above.

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