Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dog Gone Fun

We spent Sunday on our property with the dogs.  They really enjoy being able to run free.  Well, as good as one can run while wearing a tu-tu.

Our friend Trish came up with her pitbull Valiant.  Val doesn't get a chance to run too often, and when he does, he does it to the max.  It wasn't too long before he found mud.  Mud?  Where do we have mud?

Oh.  We siphon water out of the well and let it run to water the grass and apple trees.  I didn't realize that we had any  dirt there.  I though it was all rocks and stones.  I was wrong.

Trish and Pam toweled Val off as best they could.  Trish put a blanket on her car seats, loaded up Val, and that was enough fun for one day.

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  1. Anything new from your doctor visit??? Gotta get you healthy Dave!!!