Sunday, June 2, 2013

We Won The War

Yesterday was a day of triumphs and victory beers.

First off, I fixed the well pump problem of not shutting off.  I adjusted the pressure switch down.  Not only does the pump turn on and off properly now, but the pump runs continually while in the shower, which is a very good thing.  When the pumped kicked on at the higher pressure, you'd have to leap to the outer boundaries of the tub quickly to escape the stream of ice water about to come from the shower head.  It is now a steady temp since the pressure is steady.

But the best news is that I got my tractor going.  If you refer to yesterday's blog, it was frozen up real good.  As it turned out, it was a problem with the high/low transmission shift.  I looked in the transmission fill hole to see if it was stuck in two gears, but it seemed like it was shifting and moving gears fine.  The only thing left was the high/low shifter.  I moved it from high to low, shifted to neutral  and eased the clutch.  Bessie didn't choke and die, but idled normally.  I then shifted into high and it was OK.   Nope, no idea.  But being a pragmatic, I declare it fixed.  I even drove it over to Earl's house to fetch him.  Earl knows how to run the backhoe and it was time for the BPOTD (Big Project Of The Day).

Time for some demolition.  Guys love demolition.  The only thing better than knocking something down is to blow something up.

The folks hauling it for scrap are coming today to start the process of removing it.  It will be a relief for that eyesore to be gone.  Plus, that's where the pole barn is going.

Today, with the tractor running, Pam and I will begin the process of cleaning up the mess left by the loggers.  We'll pile the branches up someplace to burn, but the bigger stuff will be dragged and stacked for firewood.

We're not going to press the physical labor too hard.  We'll start in the morning and go until 2 or 3 PM and quit for the day, at which time we will  relax with a couple of victory beers.  I'm looking forward to it.


  1. Sounds like you're on a roll Dave! BTW, how are the pups doing?

    1. The dogs are loving it here. They're having a bit of a tough time with the adjustment from boat life to life on the hard though. They're not sure what they should be doing and are always looking to Pam and me for an OK. Tomorrow's blog will be about the "wildlife" we've encountered so far and our dog's reaction to it.

  2. Who needs to rent a cabin when you get the pole barn up? Think like a local!

    1. We may become "cellar dwellers" this winter. We love the cabin we're renting, but the road to it would be impossible in the winter. It's much too steep even for a 4x4. The road on our property has a grade to it but it's much gentler. So if we can get the well, leech field, and cellar put in, and if I do it right, we can move in there for the winter if Drift Away sells. If it doesn't sell, we'll most likely head to Florida for the winter and come back in the spring.