Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Bear

Yesterday morning, our in-laws arrived for morning coffee on their ATV.  They drove it from their house to ours one mile down a highway with double yellow lines.  It's the Bleecker way.  Just drive it.  ATVs, backhoes, bulldozers... doesn't matter.  Honestly though, although the road is paved with markings, it's still very lightly traveled. How many people commute between Caroga Lake and Benson?

They informed us that they saw a bear the night before, and that the bear had gotten into our garbage that we put out to be picked up.  Thankfully, they picked it up for us.

Judi took several photos of the bear stalking her bird feeders with her point-and-shoot, but the light was low and the camera's resolution is a pathetic 640 x 480.  I couldn't do anything with them to enhance them, but here they are for you.

Look closely.

Yep.  Besides our garbage, the bear knocked down Judi's bird feeders.  What could a 300 pound black bear want with sunflower seeds?  Maybe he's a health nut?

When we got home from our log hauling chores, we found that our friend Trish had delivered a butcher block trestle table to us, so yesterday morning I assembled that.  It's nice to have friends again, with feelers out for needed items like furniture.  This thing is solid.

Pam was waiting for our telephone guy to arrive to install our phone, so I was working on our land alone.  I tried dragging out trees on my own but it was too slow and tedious, so I hauled big stones instead, and lined them by the driveway by the culvert where guests might have a problem discerning the road and the ditch at night.

I then put a tarp over Bessie, whom I extricated from where I stuck it the day before.  We're forecast for a lot of rain over the next few days, so not much going on in the log or stone hauling department.  Might as well make Bessie more comfortable.  Have I mentioned how much I love this old tractor?

I need to get working on the pole barn ASAP.

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  1. So the friggin' bear finally showed up! Told you so.