Saturday, June 1, 2013

It Was A Battle Yesterday

It started off with the well's jet pump, which won't shut off.  It runs and runs, but doesn't cut out.  I doubt we're out of well water since we've had so much rain lately, so it must be either an adjustment needed to the pressure cut off switch, or a new cut off switch, or a leak somewhere like the pressure tank.  I didn't have time for it yesterday.

But no matter, we just turned it off.  It was time to go on to more pressing matters, namely getting the backhoe running so we could knock down the mobile home on our property.  There are people coming on Sunday to take it away.

Earl and I needed to replace a leaking hose on the old Case backhoe first.  We had the old one off without too much trouble.  We noticed that it was chaffing against the anti-chafe guards.  It seemed like a better idea was to simply run a more direct hose, much shorter.  Also much cheaper at $17 to put a new end on the old shortened chaffed hose as compared to $170 for a completely new hose.  Cheaper is better.

Part of replacing the hose on the backhoe was to top off the hydraulic fluid.  The tractor I bought uses hydraulic fluid for the transmission and it needed to be changed, all six gallons worth, so I decided to buy ten gallons at Tractor Supply (my favorite store now!).  Back at our property, I started up my tractor and let it warm up.  I then put it in reverse to back it up, intending to drive it over to my in-laws to change the transmission fluid.  It stalled.  Everything is locked up.  The tractor is frozen.  I can't put it in first or reverse, or even neutral.  As soon as I ease the clutch, the tractor bogs down and stalls.

I changed the transmission fluid, which is hydraulic fluid, to see if that made any difference.

It didn't. That tractor is locked up solid.

But back to the Case backhoe... Earl and I replaced the bad hose and used the tractor's hydraulic fluid to top it off and it works perfectly.   Earl drove it over to our property, which is right next to his, and we tried to move the trailer where it can be worked on easier.

Nope.  That trailer is stuck real good.  Perhaps once it's all knocked down, we can get to the wheels and get it out of there.  Today, Earl and I will knock it down and the people hauling it for scrap will take it away.

Last night I googled Ferguson tractor transmission problems, and posted to a Ferguson tractor group on Facebook.  The opinion is that the tractor is in two gears at once.  I don't know how this is possible, but this is a 59 year old tractor.  I suppose anything is possible.  It makes sense seeing as how I don't even have neutral.

I also need to figure out what to do about the new screen door I hung.  We had screens on the doors of the boat that just hung like curtains.  The dogs learned to simply walk through them, which was fine.  They now do that here in Bleecker.  Our new screen door presented no problems to them, nor has our new screen house which is full of dog sized holes.



  1. I will say Dave-- You sure look a little different than you did while on Drift Away.... Not a bad thing though....

    Better something go wrong with a transmission on a tractor than on a boat... Just a slight bit easier access to it.....

  2. Aren't there instructions on the Al Qaeda website on how to dispose of a house trailer?

  3. Better to have that house trailer in New York than here in Oklahoma City!!! They don't get along well with tornados.... Friday night's tornado was only 7 miles south of us. The gigantic Moore tornado 2 weeks ago was arond 15 miles south of us.