Friday, June 21, 2013

The Grading Is Done

Yesterday was a beautiful day here on Bleecker Mountain, sunny and warm.  I noticed that there was more activity than normal outside.  There were more birds at the bear feeder, and many bees and butterflies at the flowers on the berry bushes that surround the cabin.

I hied myself over to our property at 11 AM.   The excavator was gone.  Tim and Craig were finished.   I think it looks pretty darn good.  There's a gentle slope all across the cleared property so rainwater won't pond anywhere.  I took a bunch of photos, but you readers wouldn't be able to see much really, so I stitched three of them together into a panorama using some old Windows 95 software I got with a scanner.

Small version.

Large version.

I got the color balance as close as I could without spending too much time at it.  That's Tim's car on the right, and to the right of that is where the pole barn will go.  The house will go where the bulldozer is, and to the left of that is the road in.   This is looking east.  As we cut trees there for firewood, the view will improve.  Behind me, looking west, is about 500 feet to the main road.  That's all wooded and will stay that way.

Tractor Supply has a six foot back blade for Bessie the Tractor that I might go pick up today.  I can use the tractor now to pick up the small rocks left behind, and the back blade to smooth out the land.  I also asked Tim and Craig to leave that brush pile, the one to the right of the tractor.  That's firewood, kindling, and wattle fencing in an easy to get to spot.

Pam gets home from Florida tonight.  What a relief that will be, for both me and the dogs.  The dogs are visibly upset that Pam has been gone for over a week.  Ruby has been moping around, and Chevy is stuck to me like bubblegum on my shoe.  Even Olivia has been showing me some affection.  I guess she figures that she's stuck with me now so she might as well make the best of it.

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  1. Your land sure looks different then when I was there!!
    I'm sure it will take many victory beers putting together the waddle fencing...

    I hope Pam took some pictures of Drift Away on the hard...

    Cheers-- Kent...