Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Making the Grade

The grading has begun.   This is quite the thing to see.

First, Tim's son yanks up stumps and rocks with the Caterpiller and deposits them to the side...

Where Tim pushes them over the embankment.   Simple really, but made so by two experienced guys with the equipment to do it.  If our bulldozer was running, it would take me all summer to do this.

Earl moved our backhoe out of the way.

Even their tow vehicle is serious business.

I'm impressed.

It also rained AGAIN yesterday.  I was going to run more fill over to our rental cabin's driveway, but Bessie the tractor's battery was dead.  I removed it, hied myself to Tractor Supply down the mountain and bought a new one (6 volt, positive ground).  By the time I came back and installed the new battery, it was clouding over.  I decided to make it a pizza, PBR, and old John Wayne western movie day.

Pam is still in Florida.   Shhhhhhh....  don't tell her.


  1. For some reason this blog does not update. The last post I show is We bought a mountain car. Not sure why.
    You guys must be in our same weather pattern, we too are tired of the rain. Glad to see you are making some progress tho.
    As always, we enjoy the blog.

    1. Make sure you're following just http://bleeckermountainlife.blogspot.com

      Nothing after the .com. Just like Drift Away's blog, I always seem to have something to yammer about and update daily.

    2. For some reason Bleeckermountainlife.blogspot.com isn't updating on driftway, because I see the same last update as we bought a mountain car.

    3. I, too, have the same problem as Rick and Deb. I have tried to delete it, wait a day and re-enter and still, nuthin!!

  2. I know a lot about a lot but I never did learn about the positive ground thing-- Maybe it's because I wasn't born yet during the time it was being used or I just never had the opportunity to work on some thing with positive ground... Oh sure I could use Al Gores internets and learn about-- But I would rather see if some body leaves a comment here about instead....

    PS-- Dave it's been rain'n here too every day in Dutches Co...

  3. I use the link on Drift Away blog to get to Bleecker Mountain blog...
    I too noticed that a shortcut on my desktop doesn't update...

    1. Lots of vehicles were six volt because there wasn't much to be powered, and six volts was adequate to crank old low compression motors. My 1930 Pontiac was six volt. My '56 Thunderbird was twelve, but the '55 was six. Some modern vehicles are now 24 volt because of all the electronic gadgets.

      Old cars were positive ground, but then it was thought that the closer to the positive terminal metal was, the faster it would corrode, and so the switch to negative ground.