Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rain Rain, Go Away

I've never seen so much rain here in upstate New York.  Since we arrived in the middle of May, it's rained every day except for a few.  I normally don't mind rain, except it's made our property a mud bog.   As you regular  readers know, the trailer I had delivered is now sitting in the middle of our cleared lot because the truck hauling it got stuck.

So yesterday, Pam and I went to the property to mess about.  I took my camera along.

This is the creek along our driveway at our rental cabin.  It was flowing real good.

Pam surveying the place on our land that has never dried out, even when we had three days straight of no rain.

I decided to drain it by digging drainage ditches.

See?  Yuck.  While I was digging the Bleecker Canal, Pam took a walk with the camera.

Ruby loves to blow bubbles in the water.

Me.  I'm out standing in my field.

Some of you might be thinking that I'm exaggerating about the rain we've gotten.  The pic above and below is Fort Plain, down in the valley not far from here.

We're headed to a farm equipment auction in a bit.  This should be fun, especially since I don't understand what most farm equipment actually does.  I might buy what I think is a manure spreader and come back with a cotton gin.

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