Friday, June 7, 2013

There Is Nothing Like an Open Fire

Yesterday was an odd day for us.  Not that we have a regular routine yet, since we've only been back to the mountains for three weeks.  We thought it was supposed to be very rainy, so I had covered Bessie (the tractor) and planned on not doing much for a couple of days.  But yesterday turned out to be a decent day, weather wise.

We went to our land and Pam planted a few berry bushes, and I took the hand scythe and cut down the weeds along the road where I planted stones the day before.  Pam then said that she had a pounding headache.  Not one to turn down a reason to not work, I declared the day over.  Except for target practice.

I had brought along my 1952 Remington Scoremaster 511.  I was pretty good with that .22 caliber rifle when I was a kid, but hadn't shot it in over 40 years.  Could I still shoot it?  Or, more accurately (get it?), shoot it and hit anything?

I set up a beer can (I have no idea where that came from) on a hill and walked about 50 feet away. Standing, I fired two shots. I retrieved the can. Two hits. I put the can back and fired ten more shots. Only one more hit.  I'm getting worse, not better.  Next I tried sitting. Six out of six. Not bad for an old guy.

I would have put the can farther away, but I'd have had a longer walk to fetch it. Maybe some other time when I'm feeling spunky.

Back at our rental Unabomber Cabin, we had a phone call (we have a phone!) from James, and old business customer and friend.  He invited us to his place and so we went.  The wind off of Caroga Lake was chilly, and soon we were inside sitting before a cozy fire.  There is something about a fire that I love.  It may be primeval or something, I dunno.  But we all love a woodfire.  We had a nice visit, but getting up at the crack of dawn, three beers, and a hypnotizing wood fire had my eye lids trying to shut.

Back at our cabin, I fired up our woodstove.  It took me awhile.  I'm not very good at it.  I never use enough paper or kindling.  The only thing I'm really worse at than starting a fire is deer hunting. 

But I digress.  Eventually, I got the fire started.  

Feel free to hold your hands or feet up to it and soak up the heat.  Pop.  Crackle.  Ah... better than TV anyday.

We'll have another fire today.  According to Intellicast, today will be a high of 59 degrees and rainy.  See, that's what I love about Bleecker.  There's always a reason not to work.


  1. And an open bonfire keeps away the friggin' bear too.



  2. Were those "beary" bushes you planted? Glad you've got the posting thing worked out. I'd have missed your writing.