Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We're Online!

Remember how hot it was in Georgia, for those of you who followed our Drift Away blog?  Please note that it's May in the mountains in upstate New York.

Yes.  93 degrees on the 21st.  Of course, the humidity is a mere 50%, and so it felt cool to us.

The cabin that Pam and I are renting is only about a mile from where we're going to build.  Like there, here we have no cell service and no cable TV.  We also have no telephone and not even dial-up internet.  That changed today.

We drove down to our property this morning to plant our mailbox.  Pam's mom and step-dad are next door, so Pam went over to do some laundry.  We found out that Pam's mom ordered Hughes Net satellite internet service based on some research I had done for her, and the installer was arriving that morning.  I placed a hasty telephone call to Hughes Net and arranged to have him install ours as well.  The installation company is out of Utica and is over an hour drive away.  Why not do two installs for the travel time of one?

The installer's name was also Dave and was a good guy.  After setting up the in-laws, I had him follow me to our place.  There is no way to find the driveway unless you know exactly where it is.  There's no mailbox, no newspaper holders, no driveway reflectors... no nothing, and you can't even see the driveway unless you know exactly where it is.  You drive off the road on faith that there's something there.

Within a short time, he had the Hughes Net dish installed, the modem set up, and even reset my Linksys router for me so the wireless works.

Of course, when he did that, he also disabled all the security I had set up, and that means that all my neighbors will be able to log on to my unsecure connection until I fix it.  That's very low on my list of priorities since we have no neighbors.

I will now be able to update this blog with some regularity, perhaps even everyday as I did with our Drift Away blog.

By the way, the dogs are fascinated by living in Bleecker.  They've always been in a controlled environment.  Either on leashes, or voice command.  They've never been free.  Here they are, and they're having a tough time adjusting to it.

Ruby and Chevy, the pitbulls, don't stray much more than a hundred feet or so from the house.  The creek is very enticing, however.  Water and sticks.  It doesn't get much better than that for Ruby.

So tomorrow's task will be telephone.  I'll let you know what I did and how it worked out tomorrow.

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  1. Ah, my life is about to get back to normal again. A day without Dave, Pam and the pooches just isn't a good day! Glad you're back up and running Dave! But be careful! You never know when some of those coniving little squirrels will hack into your unsecure satellite feed.....