Saturday, May 4, 2013

Getting Ready for the Move North

We moved our car from our marina in Georgia to the marina where Drift Away will spend the next six months.  I've arranged for a 6' x 12' UHaul to cart our stuff up to Bleecker.  I've also purchased a generator from some folks here at the marina.  Things are coming together.

We hope to be up in Bleecker in mid-May so we can start cleaning up the stumps left from clearing the land.  I need to replace a hydraulic hose on the backhoe first, though.

There is a mobile home on the property that I posted on a local Facebook swap shop page.  I had a lot of people who wanted it then, and gave it to the first respondent.  He was supposed to have removed it.  According to my mom-in-law, it's still there.  I posted it again, but have gotten no response.  Great.

Pam and I are both sad to be leaving Drift Away, our home for over three years now.  But our mini-cruise should be fun before we're hauled out.  If you're interested in following it, our cruising blog is

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