Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bleecker Assembly Project Number One - the Grill

It was chilly when we awoke yesterday.  Chilly as in below freezing.  Welcome to Bleecker.

The bedroom is upstairs.  Heat rises.  Sunshine is warm.

We have a nesting pair of Gray Catbirds just outside our windows.

Olivia, our German Shorthaired Pointer birddog, actually quivers with excitement when she sees them.  It's pretty funny to watch.

The cabin hadn't been lived in for a couple of years (for you Drift Away followers, are you noticing a pattern here?) and we have a lot of clean up to do.  Dust and mouse droppings mostly. I expect the mice will move out because of the dogs.  I hope they do, anyway.

The hats are part of a collection of the places we've been.  I'm not a hat collector, really, but bald guys need to cover our noggins.

Pam is doing a wonderful job of making our little place cozy.

There it is.  Bleecker Assembly Project Number One.

The first thing to do is to scatter the parts all over the yard.  Then, read the "directions".  I say this with derision because, like all assembly instructions, you really can't tell which way is up on most parts.  I had to remove and reinstall several parts.  It was such frustrating work that I started consuming victory beers before comletion of the project, something I rarely did on Drift Away.

Black Flies were swarming all over me.  I lit two Tiki torches, a citrinella candle, and doused myself in insect repellent.  This had the odd effect of attracting more Black Flies.

The finished product.

I fired it up to burn off the factory paint and gunk, which stunk up the yard pretty good.  This attracted more Black Flies.

I had to retreat inside the cabin at this point.  Today, we're off to Home Cheapo to buy a new bathroom faucet a toilet flapper valve to fix very minor leaks, but which make the well pump kick on every ten or fifteen minutes.

We're also shopping for a screen house for the yard.


  1. I've lived out in the woods myself and noticed that a victory beer could be had some times for just making it through the night....

    Glad to see you have Al Gores Internets there-- I would think Verizon offers some kind of a booster that maybe would mount on the roof??

  2. 1 Project down, 8,954 to go! BTW, assembly of a BBQ like that deserves more than 1 victory beer!