Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Used Shipping Containers

I was intending to build a 10 x something building to use for storage.  It would have to be big enough to hold a whole bunch of our stuff plus a Miata.  While daydreaming at 60 MPH on I-95, ignoring all those honking horns and finger signals, I thought about buying a used shipping container.  Last night, at our motel in Brunswick Georgia, I googled a few sites.   I found a 10 x 40 for $2,400.  I emailed them asking about shipping costs to Bleecker.  They answered me today.  $1,000 on a roll-off, $650 if I can get it off myself.

I have access to a backhoe.  If that would lift it, I could use that.

A shipping container would be perfect, I think, for storing goods unattended in the Adirondacks in the winter.  They're waterproof, mouse proof, and bear proof.  The fact that they're ugly doesn't matter much to me.  I'll spray it forest green and paint pansies on the sides.

I emailed them back asking about the weight of the container, and then will figure out if the backhoe will lift it.

In moving news, this morning we picked up our diesel generator (thanks Geoff, Linda, and Dick!) and then went to our storage unit and unloaded that.  Our 6 x 12 trailer is loaded to the max.  I'm pretty sure we've exceeded our maximum tongue weight.  The aft end of the Kia is sagging pretty low, and the U-Haul trailer's hitch is about 2 inches off the ground.   Our cruising speed is only 60 MPH, which you might think sounds slow, but is much faster than the 1,643 miles we cruised at 9 MPH on our boat.

We're now in North Carolina, and will make Delaware tomorrow if we take it easy, and Bleecker on Thursday.  We're anxious to see what our newly logged property looks like and what kind of view, if any, we have.  We're also eager to see what the cabin we rented looks like, since we rented it sight unseen.

I think having a cruising mindset makes you unafraid to just jump in to test the waters.  You look at your chart and the available information around you and make your best judgement call.  You're also completely unafraid to change course if that-a-way looks interesting.

This should be interesting.

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