Monday, May 13, 2013

Loading Up and Moving North

My wife and I unloaded our belongings off our much loved trawler Drift Away.  It's amazing the things you accumulate when you live aboard a boat.  We filled up a good portion of our 6 x 12 U-Haul trailer. And we still have to stop in Brunswick to pick up a diesel generator and a lot more stuff in our storage unit there.

Our tow vehicle is our mountain car, a 2013 all wheel drive Kia Sorento, with a 276 HP six cylinder engine. 

It pulls the trailer effortlessly.  Our 30 MPG highway mileage is now 16.5 MPG, however.  Wait until we load another couple of thousand pounds in there.

One of the first things we'll be building on our land is a 10 x 20 storage shed to hold our stuff.  That will eliminate our two storage units and $200 a month.

I was daydreaming while driving on I-95 (I know.  Fair warning.  At least I'm not texting) and I wonder how much a used container costs?  Or perhaps an old trailer from a tractor-trailer?  We have plenty of woods and ten acres to hide it on, so looks doesn't matter.  Mouse proof, waterproof matters.  I'll have to look into it.


  1. How are the dogs liking their new mode of transportation?

    I was thinking (always dangerous) that maybe there needs to be a tv show about you and Pam and the MANY animals that will end up at your mountain abode. I enjoy watching Duck Dynasty, and think something like "Barrel of Monkeys in Bleeker" might work! What do you think?

  2. Ha! Love it!

    The dogs are taking this differently. Olivia is only concerned about one thing in life, and that's birds. If there's birds, she's good. Chevy rolls with the punches because he loves having a forever home, so he's OK too. Ruby is concerned. She's moody and mopey, and attached to my hip. It's not even 4 AM and I'm up because Ruby was snuggled next to me so tight that I couldn't move. Right now, I'm here on the laptop and Ruby is at my feet.

    But they'll love Bleecker, where they can romp all day off leash. I'll love that too.