Monday, May 27, 2013

Farm Vehicles

Pam and I both went off in search of the perfect vehicles for our little farmstead.

Yesterday, I bought this 1954 Massey Ferguson TO30 tractor.  Besides the front end loader, it has a three point hitch with a power take off for accessories.

With this baby, I'll be able to pull stumps, plow fields, cut brush, bale hay, plow snow, and a myriad other farm tasks.

This is what Pam came home with.

I don't know how she expects to pull stumps or mow hay with that.  I think she was swindled.


  1. It's pretty obvious what your first job will be Dave, smoothing out the road to your place so that Pammy's little car can get home! BTW, why do you need that tractor to pull out stumps when you have Chevy?

  2. I have the right link to your site, not sure why it shows you have not posted for two months. I will try reloading it. Anyway great drizzly, cold Memorial Day morning (typical Minnesota Memorial weekend) to catch up on Bleecker Mountain Life. Thanks!!!!

  3. I, too, was wondering why I hadn't received updates on Bleeker Mountain Life for two months. I have reloaded it and see if that works. BTW, even tho you are way up in upstate New York, and we are on the eastern shore of Connecticut, the weather is almost identical!! When will it be summer?