Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Take a Walk Along the Ocklawaha River While 'Squatchin'

Yesterday, Pam and I took the four dogs for a walk along the trail to the Ocklawaha River.  It is a beautiful one mile hike in.  The dogs loved it.  Olivia ran and ran, the pits frolicked, and the puppy kept up.

We were also 'Squatchin'.

Pam investigating a tree bend to see if it was pinned.  Yup.

A horizontal trail marker.


Obvious tree break.  No snow load here.

A blind near the hiking trail.  We found this last year, still there.

This sand is called "sugar sand" by the locals.

Bear track.

Pam, watching for alligators.

Check out this arch!

Mr. and Mrs. Walking Stick.  He's the small one on her back.

A mighty fine Florida winter day!

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