Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Living Among Sasquatch is on Amazon

I recently published my first book, Living Among Sasquatch: a Primer on   From there, it had to pass some rigorous tests to be listed on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, and other major distributors and sellers.  I'm please to announce that it has passed.

 Living Among Sasquatch can be purchased on Amazon by clicking here.

Living Among Sasquatch can be purchased on Barnes & Noble by clicking here.

All in all, it is pretty cool seeing something you've toiled over for many months and countless hours come to fruition.

Many of you are probably wondering what all of this Sasquatch stuff has to do with building an off grid house in the mountains.  Well, frankly, I am of the opinion that everywhere there is forest, food, water, and a dearth of people, you will find Sasquatches.  They've been reported in every state in the United States except Hawaii.  Obviously they're also inhabiting most of Canada.

Yep.  I think it is important that if you're building, or considering building, an off grid home in a remote area that you become aware of Sasquatches and their signs and behavior.  Even if you're a skeptic or non-believer, it is worthwhile to know, because like me, it might smack you upside the head one day.

Happy 'Squatchin'!

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