Saturday, January 2, 2016


Last year, Pam and I joined our neighbor Denny at a local shooting range.  Denny brought along a small arsenal of handguns.  Pam and I shot all of them, but Pam found one in particular that she liked.  A Heritage Revolver.  It wasn't too big or heavy and seemed to feel right to her.

For Christmas of 2015, I decided to buy a Heritage Revolver for her.  I started shopping around.  American Gun in Silver Springs, Florida had one in stock.  We planned on arriving in Florida in late fall, and when we got there, I'd buy it for her.

We arrived in Florida late because of mechanical issues with the RV, but still plenty of time to buy the Heritage Revolver.  Denny saw we were there and called us over.  We walked over, and Denny handed Pam a package.   "This is your late birthday present!" said Denny.  It was a Heritage Revolver.

Pam was delighted.  I was bummed.  Now what?  Well, after some thought, I ordered Pam a hand tooled leather holster.  It really is beautiful and sets off the Heritage nicely.

On New Year's Day, Denny took Pam and I to friend Ed's for some target practice.  Here are the pics.

Denny giving Pam some aiming tips

The tight cluster around the bullseye is Denny's

Pam was about 25 feet from the target.  She started off by spraying bullets around, but after practice, and with tips from Denny, she was soon hitting the target every time, with most close to the bullseye.

Oh, the blog title, "Gunslinger"?  That's Denny's new nickname for Pam.

"C'mon Gunslinger!  Let's go shootin'!"

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  1. She's a natural! :) The holster is lovely, well done.