Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter in Bleecker NY

As I write this from my boat in Georgia, it's 62 degrees outside.

Here is the forecast for Albany, NY.

And here's the forecast for Brunswick, Georgia.

My friends up by Bleecker are all telling me it got well below zero last night, and right now at 4:37 PM it's only 4 degrees according to Gloversville NY's newspaper.

Here is tonight's forecast.

What are we getting ourselves into?  :)


  1. -4 here at 9:17pm and dropping fast! Radiant heater and lights are on in the crawl space! But I LIKE it!!

    1. It's 4 below zero and you like it? LOL! Let me know how cold it got in the morning.

  2. Come on Dave, write something new about your dreams for the homestead... Don't you realize some of us are suffering from cabin fever...