Saturday, January 5, 2013

Grid-tie Internet?

This post isn't really building-a-shack-in-the-woods related, other than that many wannabes want to know how to connect to the internet from the middle of nowhere. 

OK, I'm freaked out. My blue ray player updated it's firmware yesterday. It told me a newer version was available and asked if I wanted it. I said OK, very amused, because my blue ray player doesn't have a network adapter, and I wanted to see what it would do. This model Samsung needs a USB adapter.  I had tried other USB network adapters that I have and they didn't work.  I needed a special one from Samsung. 

As I watched, wondering what it would do...  All of a sudden, it started downloading.  


I grabbed a flashlight and looked on the back of the unit.  Pam (I'm assuming, because it wasn't me) had plugged a USB charger for some electronic device we have into the USB port of the DVD player, and that's what connected it to the internet. A USB plug connected directly to the grid.  Nothing else.

I asked Pam about it when she got home from work, and she said that she did that when the boat was in Savannah.  That's been several months, so I guess that any current coming from the charger isn't hurting the DVD player.

I had never heard of connecting to the internet through the grid, but thinking about it, why not?  Apparently, not only can it be done... it IS being done.  Not even a log on asked.  And the performance was pretty good, as I watched three Netflix movies yesterday, something I don't do on our hot spot because of the 10 GB limit, and not on the marina wi-fi because it's so slow.

So there you have it.  Internet through the grid.  Maybe our Bleecker off-grid house should be connected after all.

Oh, and one of the movies I watched was Robinson Crusoe, the 1997 version starring Pierce Brosnan.  All I can say is that I hope our Bleecker Shack Project (now referred to as the BSP) is something more, siince it gets well below zero in Bleecker.

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