Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Google's SketchUp

We ran into a problem with the house plan we picked.  It was for a log home and we want to stick build.  No problem said the log home place, they can change it for just a few hundred bucks.  Seven hundred to be precise.  As it turns out, they'd have to design the house from scratch and not simply click a few buttons, so the estimate now is $3,000.  

If we have to pay that kind of money, we might as well hire someone local in Fulton County to design it for us.  To help speed the process along, I thought I'd learn how to use Google's SketchUp, a CAD program of sorts.

Well, I downloaded it, and I've been sitting here all day going through the tutorials.   This is going to be pretty involved, I think.  It took me most of  the afternoon to create a trestle table following the tutorial that showed me each step.   

I then decided to create a Greek column, just a few cylinders stacked on top of each other.   Easy, right?  Wrong.  Somehow I've got it looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

You can see the table I made, which came out OK.  I have no idea who that lady is or why she's standing there.

Above is a house I was practicing designing.  I think next I'm going to do a floor plan and then use it to raise the walls and stick a roof on it.


  1. Who is the lady in front of the house ???

    Bill Kelleher

  2. The women at the front of the house is the default character for Google Sketchup 8. You better start of form something easier and progress towards your target