Saturday, September 12, 2015

Waterford Tugboat Rally

Friday was a great day.  Pam and I drove to Waterford, NY where I grew up.  There, we met my childhood friends Bob and Bob, and their wives Linda and Karen.  Bob and Linda and Pam and I went to the tugboat rally, but were disappointed.  The event was three day starting on Friday, but on Friday hardly any boats were there, and those that were, were setting up.  But still, being all a happy sort, we looked at what was there and then headed to McGrievie's for dinner.

These are photos from the day.

A tiny tug!

The Onrust.

Hey, goldenrod are flowers too!

Cohoes-Lansingburgh bridge.

Inside the Onrust.  Notice the pegs.

This is the old, now abandoned Champlain Canal.  The old tow path is now a hiking and biking trail.

And after a two hour drive back to Bleecker, we were met with this beautiful starry sky...

Today it is back to strip the form off little-pump-house-wall-number-three and to build little-pump-house-wall-number-four form.

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