Monday, September 28, 2015

Goats, The Pump House Floor, and the Lunar Eclipse

Yesterday was a productive day.  Well, except for being distracted by Amos and Andy.  They came charging out of the tractor-trailer trailer with Andy in distress.  Amos was trying to help him.  Me, being me, immediately sprang into action and grabbed my camera.  Yes yes, I took the basket off.  After awhile.

I wanted to put insulation under the pump house floor, but couldn't do it while the goats are loose.  They'd be trying to walk all over it.  So I started cutting and fitting the floor boards without nailing them in place.  

Later, when the goats were put in their run-in shed, I pulled the boards off, fitted the insulation, and then replaced the boards and finished. 

Later, it was time for photographing the lunar eclipse.  Everything was going along fine.  I was following the moon and adjusting my camera settings, but then the moon fully eclipsed and it vanished!  I'm night blind and could no longer see it.  How do you photograph something you cannot see?  You scan and pan with the camera taking pics and then look on the tiny LCD display to see if you got it.  After 87 tries, I found it again, but then I didn't trust my focus and ISO setting and so fiddled with that.

This is the result.

Not bad for a night blind guy.  LOL!


  1. Wait a minuet-- Am I to understand that you finished the Pump House floor in one day?? Even though you got distracted by the Goats??
    How did Amos & Andy work out keeping the weeds and other stuff from getting over grown?

    Nice Pic. of the moon-- Even for a night blind guy..

  2. From one night blind guy to another, Great job!!!

  3. Nice shot! Bloody cloud cover kept us from even seeing it. We did however, load up the dogs and kiddies and go to the beach, in case it peaked out long enough to be photographed. No Joy.