Monday, September 7, 2015

Sasquatch Easter Eggs

Our friendly neighborhood Sasquatch has been leaving us things. At our rental cabin, it leaves Pam gifts of food, like a mighty fine back half of a squirrel bitten cleanly in half and with the guts removed for her convenience. On our property, it has left me two bungee cords and an assortment of washers, three point hitch locking pin, barrel nut, and a hose clamp (all round things).
Pam is incredibly observant. She was checking the game trail that both deer and Sasquatch use, and called me down.
The first pic is from standing on the game trail and looking towards the woods. The third is a log (from which it can sit and watch us clearly) with an "A" stick structure behind it, which we see frequently. The fourth? A fuel filter. Yep. That's right. It smelled of diesel, and would have come from a John Deere, White, or Allis Chalmers tractor. I have a gas powered 1952 Ferguson TO-30 so it isn't mine.

I've decided to start referring to Sasquatch things left for us to find, things not in plain sight, as "Easter Eggs".

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