Thursday, September 10, 2015

Slip Form Walls

Pam and I have decided to build a stone house.  Not only because of the economy of it, but because we have the natural resources readily at hand.

We're building a small 8 x 8 shed to house the shallow well pump, which is a temporary pump until we build the house and install our deep well pump.  We decided to practice stone wall building on this tiny structure.  It is a good thing we're practicing.

In a nutshell, you build a wooden frame, fill it with rocks, and dump in cement.  Like this.

We put big rocks on the bottom, and go smaller as we go up.  Pam mixed the cement and I am the placer of the stones.

For a high stone wall, like our house, there would be two forms, with one placed above the other, raising the wall to whatever height is desired.  Well, we'll see how that goes.  One thing we're not lacking is rocks.

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