Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Floor Joists for the Pumphouse Floor, Changing Leaves, and Sasquatch

Today was the first day of Fall, and it was absolutely gorgeous in Bleecker.  About 75, and not a cloud in the sky.

Two years ago, Earl and I dug out for our foundation.  We found a solid granite ledge in there.  Earl whacked on it with the backhoe but it wasn't going anywhere. Yesterday, a little voice told Pamela to scrape the dirt off of it.  She did, and she found that it was cracked in several places.  Without the aid of any tools other than a garden rake and a rock, she produce that pile of granite in the front of the photo.

Pam had to go to referee a volleyball game, so Earl took the opportunity to use a long pry bar to help things along.  He'll be 85 in November.

My favorite tree, with a saddle up near the top, just below the pine boughs.

The leaves are changing here. Within a couple of weeks they should be at their peak.

I worked on making concrete supports for floor joists.  

When I got to the cabin, I found a note to check the Sasquatch gifting stump.  The photo below doesn't look like much of anything...

But Pam's half is at the back of the stump in this photo, and the Sasquatch's is towards the front.

The Sasquatch moved Pam's dragonfly earring from Pam's side to its side.  I wish I knew what that meant.

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