Sunday, March 16, 2014

Neighborhood Barbeque

Yesterday was a day to celebrate our neighbor Denny's birthday, and we did so with a neighborhood barbeque.  Everyone brought something.  Pam brought blue and orange Jello shots, blue and orange being the colors of the Florida Gators.   I brought some freshly made horseradish to go on the big, thick juicy steaks that Denny got at the commissary.   I hardly knew anyone, but it seemed like a friendly group, so I asked Denny if he'd like me to fetch my camera.   He said yes, and when I asked if anyone might punch me in the nose for photographing them, he replied that if there was going to be any nose punching, he was doing it.

Here you go...

My horseradish.  Yes, I made it outside.  Yes, that is a victory beer.

Denny's house is a great single guy place.  He has a fairly complete automotive setup and he and his friends do a lot of restoration and custom work.  Note "FEAR THE SWAMP" on the end of the cooker.  The SWAMP is the place's nickname.  It stands for Single Women (only) At My Place.

Junior, appropriately dressed in blue and orange.

We brought Ruby over so she could work the crowd.  Chevy and Olivia stayed home.

Junior loves dogs.  Everyone loves Ruby.  What a great dog she is.


Check out those steaks!  They tasted as good as they looked.

Junior worked the crowd, asking everyone to wear the funny glasses.

Denny's... ummm... birthday cake.  Why did he take off his shirt?

This is why.

Denny's shirt.

A good time  was had by all.

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  1. Just think how rested you'll be when you get back to the construction zone in NY