Saturday, February 1, 2014

Thinking of "What If?"

I like to have options.  I often explore different options even for events that aren't likely to happen.  It's just what I do.  I think I now have Pam thinking along those lines.

Pam has been asked to manage the Griffin Ranch here in Fort McCoy.  We'd still spend summers in upstate New York, but we'd be here from November until June.  If everything works out, it might make sense for us to buy a place here.  Nothing big or elaborate.  Living on a boat has taught us that we can get by just fine with less.

Property taxes are very low in Florida. Pam found a place that she likes that's close to the ranch.  Its three bedroom, two full baths, fireplace, two car garage, and almost two acres.  The asking price is $85,000.  Taxes are probably less than a thousand dollars.

We'd still build a place in Bleecker, but would scale it back to be a three season house.  We'd get to New York sometime in May, leave in October.

Another nice thing about Florida is that there is no state income tax.

Pam and I are already legal Florida residents.  We have Florida drivers' licenses, and our Kia is registered in Florida.  We're halfway there.

Just another "what if" for us.  Just an option.  Launching Drift Away and living on that is also an option, if it doesn't sell.

Today was a somewhat productive day.  Pam worked at the ranch.  I power washed half the motor home.   I would have washed the whole thing but my sponge on a stick disintegrated.

I also got hot water in the RV.  The hot water heater is both gas and electric.   I had tried both before but got nothing.  Then I found out that the outside outlet I plugged the hot water heater into didn't work.  I passed the cord inside the RV and into a good outlet and we have hot water.

Yep.  Buying an old RV is much like buying an old trawler.  All the projects are a challenge, and a learning experience.


  1. It has to feel good Dave to be able to be flexible in the way you live! You've done well in your life preparation to be able to do this at such a young age. You're a good example for many of us.

    1. Hey Mark! We've had a few financial setbacks, including a big stack of medical bills. But you'd be surprised how simply and relatively inexpensively you can live if you set your sights low enough. :)

  2. Following you guys for quite a while! Of course been watching you boat for sale "dreaming". But we've got to sell our MH. If you're heading back up north and need a stop over let us know. Have 30 amp outlet in my garage. About 15 min from 95.

    1. Thanks for the offer, but we'll probably stay at "horse motels" on the way back north, like we did coming south.

  3. I would say if you can do it...upstate NY (where I live) is crazy for taxes..Florida is much nicer in the winter than Bleeker NY is..Bleeker is much nicer in the summer than Florida...I would say a win win deal for sure.

  4. I would say if you can afford it do it. Florida is much nicer in the winter than Bleeker NY is...Bleeker NY is much nicer in the summer than Florida is. Keep is simple in both places. Good luck with the decision.