Monday, February 17, 2014


Life is slow here in Eureka, Florida.  Every day is just chillin' and relaxin'.  The other day Pam and I fetched hay for the horses in nearby Ocala, making it probably one of our most productive days.

Pam's brother Andy and his wife Tracy drove our Buick down here from upstate New York.  They have VIP passes to the Daytona 500.  Being NASCAR fans, they're really stoked.  They have full access to everywhere before the race, and skybox seats on the start-finish line for the race, courtesy of Toyota.  Their trip south was not without drama, though.  The Buick had new tires mounted all around a year ago, and two of them blew out.  It seems that the Buick dealer who mounted them screwed over Diane, the elderly lady who owned the car, and mounted 12 year old tires.  They were dry rotted.  One of the crooks who towed the Buick charged $225 for the honor.

We drank way too much beer while sitting around our fire pit.  I'm paying for it this morning.

Still, I tried taking star trail photos again.  And, once again, I missed the north star.

The north star is hidden behind that tree on the right.  

I think today will be another day of chillaxing.  Tomorrow we might go horseback riding.  I wonder if I can adapt the Navi-Nut (patent pending) to trail maps?

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