Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Getting Hit With Weather

As I write this, Bleecker and the rest of upstate New York is getting pasted with a winter storm.  about a foot of snow is forecast.  Most schools are closed, including colleges.  Highs will be in the 20s for the next few days which means that it won't be melting anytime soon.

Meanwhile, we're getting hammered with some pretty severe weather here in Florida.

All of Florida is going to get clobbered with WARM.   I'm not exactly sure what WARM is, but I'd better get to the store to buy milk and bread.  And beer.


  1. Beware the impact of "warm vortexes" on ice cold brewskies!

  2. Oh sure, just rub it in Dave! It's currently 9 degrees with a wind chill of -11 in OKC. Can't wait for next Wednesday when I fly to Miami for my first Strictly Sail Miami. Excited to see some of the boats I only get to see in youtube video's and blogs. Hoping to join the liveaboard community in 2-4 years. Wish you and Pam were still out there on Drift Away but really enjoy following your Mountain/RV/Horse Ranch ways.

    BTW, how's the patent coming along on the NaviNut???

    1. Man, all of this WARM is tough to take. Florida's plows have been out 24/7 trying to get rid of it. Cars are off the roads all over the place.

      The Navi-Nut (patent pending) has run into a snag. It seems that there is a very similar product, but with an entirely different purpose. Our corporate lawyers are, of course, intending to battle this in court.