Monday, March 31, 2014

The Snow Birds Are Flying North

There was a mass migration south of blue haired snow birds from the snow and ice of the northeastern United States.  For the first time, we got to join in this miraculous event in "the Boat", our RV.  Although we didn't leave Bleecker until January 10th, better late than never.

The north-central part of Florida seems to attract blue hairs who want to avoid the touristy places, like Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.  The folks here are either fishermen, horse people, or cheap.  I say cheap because it isn't touristy, and so RV parks are half the price of other areas.

Today was March 31st, the last day of the month.  RV park rents are probably due on the 1st.  As we were running around doing errands like buying hay, I noticed that the RV parks have emptied out.  Each park had many vacant lots with only a few stragglers left behind.

We're staying for at least another month.  The weather here in Eureka is beautiful and Pam has horsey things to do at the Griffin Ranch.  But we know it will get unbearably hot very soon and we need to escape back to Bleecker.

Speaking of Bleecker, our plans there may be changing.  Instead of a year round house, we may build a summer cabin.  And a barn for Jeremiah who will most certainly accompany us back north.

Oh, and I should tell you about Aimee.  She's eleven years old and helps her mom feed the horses everyday at the ranch.  She loves horses, and is very good with them.  Well, her mom decided that Aimee should have her own horse, and found a good deal on a Paso Fino at a local ranch.  Paso Fino is Spanish for "fine step".  A Paso Fino is a gaited horse, meaning that they have a smooth gait somewhere between a trot and a gallop.  Pasos share their Spanish heritage with the American Mustang, and if you've ever seen the movie Hidalgo, I'm sure you're impressed with what a great horse they are.   I'm thinking that with my spine issues, a Paso Fino would be a good horse for me.

Oh, and Aimee had to go to school while we fetched her horse for her.  I guarantee that today was the longest school day of the year for her, and the bus ride home the longest ever.

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  1. Beautiful horse! Lucky young lady. We already left Florida but our plans may be changing also. Winter in Florida, Summer in Jersey to be close to family. Looking at seasonal campgrounds now. Cant do the cold anymore.Good luck with your plans! I guess I will be a blue hair too!