Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Real Wayne's World

In September, Pam and I, and Pam's mom Judi, were at Vrooman's restaurant in Caroga Lake for wings.  We were sitting at the bar and I was sitting next to a fella dressed in motorcycle gear.  We struck up a conversation.  Wayne is a free spirit,  He lived on a sailboat for a time, sold it, and bought a motorcycle to cruise around in  He was traveling from Michigan to Maine before heading to Pennsylvania to work on a farm and then on to Florida.

Wayne was tenting at night.  I offered him the use of our RV for the night, which he gratefully accepted.  We dropped him off and warned him about our Sasquatches.

I think you'll enjoy his video.  We come in at the 8:30 mark.  

What's the big deal about a screaming Sasquatch?

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