Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Difference Between an Ordeal and an Adventure is Attitude

"The Difference Between an Ordeal and an Adventure is Attitude".   Pam and I have a plaque that says that.  First it was on our boat, and later in Harvey the RV.  Depending on your attitude, we've certainly had one or the other.

This has got to be the longest snowbird migration from north to Florida at 16 days. It also has to be the most expensive at $8,000.  Granted, $4,000 of that was for hearing aids bought from the Walker center at Cabella's, but I wouldn't have bought them had we not been stranded in Pennsylvania for six  days waiting for new brake lines.

100 miles from Lexington, Virginia, the tread on one of Harvey's rear tires had had enough and decided to leave our family, and we limped along at 50 MPH the rest of the way to Lazy Acres. We love it there and sometimes chose to spend two nights, but since it took longer to get all of Harvey's old dry rotted tires replaced, we stayed six.

But we are finally in Florida, happy but $8,000 poorer.  Pam is very happy because she has decided to stop mumbling and I no longer ask her to repeat herself.  I can also now hear birds and peepers at night, which is nice.  I can also hear people eat potato chips and apples though.

But it is nice to finally be in Florida.  Adventure, or ordeal?  I'm thinking about it.


  1. Sometimes it is both. It begins as an ordeal and the further you get away from it in time, the more of an adventure it becomes in the re-telling.

  2. Welcome back to sunny, warm Florida. Talk a ride to the ocean, kick back, relax and enjoy the sound of the ocean waves with those new hearing aids and it will make the adventure/ordeal all worth it!!