Saturday, November 28, 2015

At My Wit's End

Just as we were sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner, a HUGE dog fight broke out outside.  Ruby guards her toys, and Olivia snagged one.  Ruby, being Ruby, snapped at Olivia, which she has done before and isn't a problem.  But the pit we just rescued, Lilly, took that as a sign to attack and did.  Lilly tore into Olivia with a vengeance.  Ruby thought the way to control the situation was to pin down Olivia, which she did.  By the time I got out there, daughter Megan and Pam had them pulled apart.  Lilly was desperately trying to kill Olivia, and Olivia was hurt badly and spurting blood out of her front left leg.

We spent Thanksgiving at the veterinarian ER.  I drove.  Now, normally I drive like an old lady.  45 MPH is about my top speed.  But thinking that Olivia was going to bleed to death, despite the tourniquet applied by Pam, I was driving 85 MPH and going through red lights.

Olivia will be fine.  Lilly, not so much.  We're inclined to put her down.  What if this was a child?  We don't know about Lilly's upbringing.  Or lack of it, actually, since she has no manners.  What are we to do?  We cannot harbor a vicious dog, yet until Thanksgiving,  Lilly has been an overly friendly and wonderful dog.

I am at my wit's end.


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    Our family has had many, many rescues and we've had to make this tough decison twice. I would urge you to have a very honest conversation with your vet about your concerns, and then follow their advice. Some dogs just don't have the inhibition they need to function safely with a pack. Its not the dogs fault, and it's not yours either. I am so, so sorry - I know how its a really really tough thing to go through.

  2. This is a no win situation; dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. Perhaps you could find a rescue org that specializes in Pit bulls and they an save her, or a tleast give you some advice based on experience.... they probably make this kind of decision all the time. Asking one vet an opinion will get you one opinion with all his/her prejudices for/against pit bulls.

  3. Ouch Tough call, Dave. We rescued our two girls as pups within a week of each other and they have been sisters ever since. But, two weeks ago, we too had an incident. The little one came in all tore up. These two have never fought since a little dominance spat years ago, when deciding who was alpha. The vet in the emergency room automatically assumed the big one tore into the little one. Naww, couldn't be... Kenzie is too fast and would never let Melody get behind her to tear up her rear leg...

    Turns out, we now think she did. I walked the perimeter of our fenced yard and found a dead rabbit. Suddenly, it all made sense. If Kenzie Killed the rabbit and Melody came in behind, trying to get some, she could have easily been behind and chomping on Kenzie.

    Things aren't back to normal yet, but at least there is peace in the house. The drains and the stitches have been removed from the multiple bite punctures and everyone seems to be healing. And Kenzie is a lot more aware of where Melody is at all times...

    Good luck with your decision.

  4. It is good that you shared this difficult situation with others. Education will do more good for the breed than anything else. You have done well by the animals you have let into your home. That cannot be disputed. If you put the animal down, it will be a humane way to deal with a tough problem. Good Luck. Doug Hart

    1. Lilly attacked Olivia again yesterday morning, so Pam took her to be put down.