Saturday, November 7, 2015

"Stuck" Again, This Time in Lexington, Virginia

After spending almost a week in Bethel, PA (and dropping a couple of thousand bucks) we finally got underway to Lexington, Virginia.  I was concerned about the RV's tires after having been warned by Chad at 61 Auto that they were really old and should be replaced.  I'll do that once we get to Florida.

Well, needless to say that the treads peeled right off one.  There was some wild vibrations, a huge WHAP as the tread hit the wheel well, and a strong burning smell.  I have four tires on the back, so the RV was still driveable, but I got off at the first exit I came to, to check it out.

What you see in the pic above are the steel cords.

We decided to limp the last 100 miles to Lexington at 50 MPH, which we did without incident.

On Friday, I brought the RV to a TA truck service shop.  They could get their hands on five tires, which I had put on.  The sixth will be there on Monday, so Tuesday we head out for Charlotte.

If you break down, consider Lexington Virginia, and Lazy Acres in particular.  This hardly sucks at all.

To top it off we met Pete and Tooney who are as insane as we are.  They're traveling with two horses three dogs, a rabbit, a sheep, and a pig.

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