Friday, January 30, 2015

Chicken Yard

Pam had Laverne and Shirley in a dog crate for the past couple of days.  Today we hied ourselves to Lowes in Silver Springs and bought some fence posts and landscape timbers to build a chicken yard.   This is the finished product.

We cut the 8' landscape timber in half as posts for the gate.  For the record, Lowes has 4x4 pressure treated lumber for $8, and we paid $4 for 4x4 pressure treated  landscape posts.   We then put the metal fence posts around the chicken yard, strung  the green plastic fencing, and put metal roofing along the bottom  to keep things from getting in.

Laverne and Shirley seemed to like being out of the crate and ran around scratching for bugs, chattering happily.

Their happy chatter attracted our cats.  Leo Pard actually jumped in there to check things out, but didn't hurt the chickens.  But little Sassy is another matter.  She's the one who not only catches mice in our cabin, but caught a rabbit and brought it inside.   Her, we have to watch.

Sassy could be trouble.

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