Monday, January 5, 2015

The Great Escape

Olivia is a German Shorthaired Pointer, a high energy hunting dog.  I've mentioned previously that she escapes from our fenced in yard regularly.  Well, yesterday she got out for a romp around the neighborhood.

The main yard is fenced in with a chain link fence.  RV "the Boat" is in the backyard and we put up a four foot high fence from the house and garage to the RV.  We can't do that along the RV because we need to get in and out of it, and sometimes into the compartments.  It also has to be movable so we can take it down once a month when we go to dump the holding tanks.  So we put a bunch of stuff in the way.  First it was the lattice work.  That was laughable.  She'd just go right through it, pushing it out of the way.  So we put posts behind the lattice.  She would stick her skinny snout under the lattice and flip it up.  Then we put metal roofing behind the lattice work.  She somehow managed to flip up the lattice and then the metal.  Last, we put some old metal folding louvered doors in front of the lattice. So, we've got metal doors, lattice, and metal roofing.  

I was in bed reading (yes, about sasquatches) yesterday morning  When I opened the door and jumped out, this is what I saw.

It took me a good half hour to find her.  She was running down a dirt road.  I yelled for her.  She giggled and took a right and ran out to the road.   I finally trapped her in someone's fenced yard.   She stopped to see a neighbor dog, who was in his fenced yard.  I leashed her and walked her back to the yard.

I hate it when my dog is smarter than me.  Pam is home from horseback riding on Amelia Island with Debbie from Cheers Horse Ranch.  Maybe she can figure something out.

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  1. A four foot fence, really? I once watched my Irish Setter Alfred sitting at the four foot chain link fence we had. For a while he sat, idly watching the traffic go by. Something caught his eye and he leapt over the fence from a sitting position. Cleared it without touching it.