Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Dog Days of Florida

Pam is taking folks for horse rides on the beach of Amelia Island, and I'm here with the dogs.  Olivia the German Shorthaired Pointer spends most of her time hunting lizards.

Ruby spends her time laying by the front gate waiting for Pamela to come home.  She also hoards toys, and if Chevy favors one, she steals it and shreds it to pieces.

Chevy is just Chevy.  A handsome boy.

Me?  When I'm not saving the world with my opinions on Facebook or reading and studying sasquatches, I drink beer and shoot pool.  Yesterday, instead of listening to Eureka Radio (there is actually a radio station here), I brought my laptop into the garage and listened to podcasts of Sasquatch Chronicles.

I couldn't believe this.

Sometimes Olivia naps.

Nope.  No idea why Sassy has on her Grumpy Cat face.

As most of you know, the dogs run free in Bleecker.  We have a fenced yard here in Eureka, but no fence between the RV and the back gate.  So we made one.  Olivia took this to be a challenge and has outsmarted us many, many times and escaped.  We keep adding barriers.  She keeps escaping.

Yesterday, she actually hopped up on the air conditioning unit and jumped over the fence.  I had to add yet another piece of lattice to keep her in.

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