Friday, November 7, 2014


I knew we should have left a couple of weeks ago, but doctors' appointments kept us until the end of October, and at that point we decided to stay for my daughter Becky's and Earl's birthdays.

We're in the process of getting ready to head out to Florida.  The summer furniture is being packed away, the old Bounder RV is getting packed... and it started to snow.  Not for long.  Just a few minutes.  But enough as if Mother Nature was telling us to get our butts in gear.  Message received loud and clear.

RVs have nifty storage compartments all around the outside.  It makes a convenient low-center-of-gravity place to store stuff, like fishing poles, carpets, power washer, dog toys, mice...  Mice?  Yep.  lots of mice.  Olivia is on it though, as you can see in the pic.

Tomorrow we pick up 15 bales of hay for Jeremiah the Horse, take down the roof and screens of the screen house, and maybe change the oil in Bessie the Tractor.

While typing this, Olivia went nuts, barking her head off.   It's 11 PM and pitch black out, and the wind is blowing and it's cold.  What could she hear?  Might be the sasquatch.  Might be the moose.  Our friend with the hunting camp near us has 12 game cameras set up.  He's got coyotes, a bear, Olivia, and other critters, including a moose recently.  They're supposed to stink as bad as a sasquatch.

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