Sunday, November 9, 2014

Getting Ready To Leave

We almost made it.  Our Unabomber Cabin is heated by our wood stove, and in the past several days it hasn't been drawing real good.  Well, this morning, it stopped drawing at all.  So I climbed the ladder and pulled off the elbow that I recently installed, and it was plugged solid with creosote.  Completely.

The outside chimney was rusted through, and the entrance of cold outside air to the chimney means creosote.  I pulled the elbow off, and the outside chimney dropped down.

We only had one day to go, so I cleaned the elbow and attempted to re-install it.  This is what happened.  The rusted pipes simply collapsed.

No biggie.  I'll fix it next year.  Meanwhile, we need to prepare for leaving on Monday.  We needed to clean our Jeremiah's barn, and so needed Bessie the Tractor to start, but she would not. So I hooked the dump truck battery up to an inverter, and that to a six volt battery charger, and within a few minutes Bessie started.

After many trips of moving Jeremiah the Horse's manure, I moved Bessie under the frame.

After changing her oil, Pam and I covered her for the winter.

We leave Monday morning for points south, with warmer temperatures and hopefully no snow!


  1. Hope you mean today Monday. Minnesota is getting 12 inches of snow today and temps plummeting to the teens next week. Looks like it's all heading your way. Safe travels. Thinking we will be out of here before Thanksgiving.

  2. Yikes! Why not live in your RV on your property next summer instead of the Unabomber?

  3. No snow predicted in FL this week...

  4. Wow...guys. You court disaster on a daily basis.
    That's all I'm saying.