Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Day In Photos

One of my favorite things to do on my boating Drift Away blog was to simply record the day in photos.  Sunrise, birds, manatees, friggin' pelicans, dolphins... it was all quite fascinating.  What about a day in photos in Bleecker?  Well, quite honestly, I didn't expect much.  And I didn't get much.  But this is a typical day in our life on Bleecker Mountain.

It was cold here on Sunday morning, down in the 30s, so we had a fire going.  Outside the Unabomber Cabin, the "T" had rusted away, so  I replaced it with a 90 degree elbow.  While doing so, I discovered that the entire outside stove pipe is rusted away.  Smoke leaks from everywhere.  The whole thing need to be replaced.

Not only is it rusted, but the stove pipe was installed upside down.  Leaking creosote leaks through the joints and runs down the pipe, as seen here already on the new elbow I installed,

We went to our property and I tackled fixing our diesel generator.  It produces AC power for a few minutes before cutting out. Earl thought it might be the relay, so I ordered a new one from China.  A few days ago, they sent a second.  I don't know why.  No matter.  I replaced the relay and fired up the generator.  After about five minutes, it stopped producing AC power even though the generator kept running fine.  I think it must be temperature related.  If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

Later, Pam came by riding on  Jeremiah the Horse.  They both seem to really enjoy riding.

Then Earl came over with his tractor and chain saws.  My tractor has a dead battery so Earl used his.  There was a small tree overhanging our storage trailer and we decided to cut it down.

And like all good plans, this one had a glitch.  Earl's saw got jammed in the tree.

No matter.  Earl has three of everything, and soon the tree was down.

Next came two more small trees hindering the growth of the one good one, so down they came.  One required the persuasion of Earl's backhoe attachment.

Then it was time for beer and a bonfire.  Nothing says Adirondacks like a bonfire.

Back home, we had clear skies and I thought I'd give the northern lights a shot.  Nope.  No go.

Still a nice night sky, but northern lights would have been awesome.

No, I don't get "A Day In Photos" like I did on Drift Away.  But this ain't all bad.

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  1. I'd suggest you give up on your Chinese generator and get either a Kohler or Generac machine. Our ancient Generac starts up every time and does its work. I'm not going to comment on the forestry skills here...just not gonna. Maybe aurora will revisit tonight..we missed them too.