Friday, September 26, 2014

Sasquatch Part 4, the Hand Print

OK, this is getting a little freaky now.  I sometimes drive along Lily Lake Road here in Bleecker.  It is a pretty drive along a country dirt road.  As a result, the car gets pretty dusty, especially on the stern.  No biggie.  We abuse this poor Kia so much anyway.

I went to the property with the dogs yesterday, and when we got home, I opened the back hatch to let them out of the car.  That's when I noticed this.

A paw print?  Bear?  I took a closeup of one distinct print, and it has the markings of a fingerprint.  Do Black Bears have fingerprints like people?

I went back out to show Pam when she got back from refereeing a volleyball game and showed her.

It is a very large palm print.  The bottom of the hand is on the lower left part of the back window, then four finger prints above.  The strange mark on the lower left is a thumb print, with the thumb being dragged along the glass.

The bottom pic is a second thumb print to the right of the hand print.  Sorry for the reflection of Pam holding a flashlight.

OK, I will say it.  I think this is a Sasquatch.  No bear, nor any other animal that I know of, could have made that print.  It is not human.  I have very large hands, and it is much bigger than mine.  Something walked behind the car, and for whatever reason, steadied itself on the car as it passed by.  

I was a skeptic.  Now, I'm a believer.

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